Monday, December 15, 2008


It's raining here in So Cal. I had to send my mini five year old off to kindergarten in the rain! I know it seems silly, being that I had to walk to school year round in Chicago, from the age of 6. Still, you get used to every day being mild and pleasant when you live here. So there we were, in the drop off lane at 8:20 this morning. When I opened the door the rain blew right in on the three year old, causing much screeching and calls of, "I hate the rain!" (The three year old, Annabelle, has her seat on the curb side of the car, so every morning Ella has to climb over/around her to get out at school. No amount of cajoling will persuade them to switch sides of the car). I popped up Ella's umbrella and watched all 35 pounds of her plod toward the building, with her hood up and her little stick legs lost in the vast openings of her rain boots. There's good reason this blog is called birdy legs. I really need to get a photo of the calves of our family, all together in a row. It's a condition that afflicts every one of us. Even my husband, with his firm, bike riding muscles can't be saved when that calf muscle is propped up on the longest shin bone known to man.

Being that the courtyard between our house and garage is flooding, I did what any sensible person (and by person I mean woman) would do and went on-line and ordered rain boots. My husband, being a man, asked why I didn't just go to Target and get some, so that I'd actually have them when it was raining. But, you see, I am a cheap person who mostly likes non-cheap things. So I prefer to find a great deal on nice boots at Amazon, then add whatever random special they are having. I got Annabelle a pair of $25 rain boots on sale for $15, then a pair of $60 boots on sale for $30 for me. Add to that their special 20% off on two pairs of boots, and free shipping, and I ended up with boots for both of us for $36. Of course the rain will be over when they arrive, and it may not return for two years, but you just never know.

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