Tuesday, December 2, 2008

etsy ennui

It's funny to me that I occasionally write on this blog. Funny because no one reads it (and if they did I'd be horrified). There are, of course, ways I could draw some attention to myself, but what would be the point? I'm actually worried that if I ever take blogging seriously people might see these early postings.

I'm really torn about the whole etsy thing. I put stuff on there, under www.birdylegs.etsy.com, of course. Sometimes I even sell something. But this is another area where I am really uncommitted. Like with all of the tutus. I enjoyed making the tutus, I think they look great, and girls really love them. But is it my goal to make tutus for a living? Not really. I can't get all wound up about it and promote it like crazy. I just like to make things. Some weeks it's skirts for the girls, some weeks it's tutus. Right now it is pencil rolls and crayon rolls for Christmas gifts. And fabric covers for composition books for teachers. I didn't come up with these ideas on my own and I'm not the first person to love great fabrics or wool felt. So if I make extra and put them on etsy I don't really have the time or energy, or really even the will, to promote them enough to make serious sales. I neglect my children enough while I am doing these projects. And there are just so many sellers on etsy that you really have to work to be seen. It just kind of depresses me. But then there is this stack of tutus mocking me every day.

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  1. Hi there fellow Chi-town girl!
    I really liked the last comment you posted on "How about Orange",you seemed to really know what you were talking about in terms of colors and well that was enough to want to find more about you.I like the tutus, what a lovely idea really!You write so well I hope you'll post again soon because I plan on coming back!